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  • Read for pleasure to improve your English
    17 February 2017

    Students at English UK member Bristol Language College are enjoying a very British way of improving their skills: a book club.

    The students meet on Thursdays in a local coffee bar. They have usually been asked to read a chapter or two of the book they are discussing...

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  • What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?
    16 February 2017

    When should I use coaching and how do I go about setting up a coaching programme? What's my role and how do we get results? Director of Studies Dawn Harry will unpack these questions and explore goal setting and possible pitfalls at the English UK Management Conference next month.

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  • Just two more weeks of early bird rates for StudyWorld London
    13 February 2017

    We look forward to connecting English UK members to hundreds of serious agents and buyers from around the world on 4 – 6 September, at the QEII Centre.

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  • Bookings up – but don't let quality drop, ELT providers told at marketing conference
    9 February 2017

    It is vital for UK ELT providers to keep quality high during the current exchange rate-fuelled "short-term boom in bookings," English UK's chief executive has said.

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  • English Language Market Reports: influence the content and direction of future reports
    27 January 2017

    We'd like our members to complete a very short survey to tell us your thoughts on our English Language Market Reports series and to help influence the content and direction of future reports.

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