English UK Get Ready for Summer Conference 2017

English UK Get Ready for Summer Conference 2017

Sunday 11 June 2017
Macmillan Education, Stables Building, 2 Trematon Walk, London N1 9FN

This English UK conference is dedicated to managers and experienced teachers involved with summer schools and will provide valuable and practical information in relation to managing and tackling issues which may arise during summer school programmes.

Opening the event, Fiona Dunlop will outline ways how to provide CPD for short term summer staff. Steve Wheeler (Trinity) will then focus on how to motivate teachers and other staff.

After lunch, Emma-Jayne Robinson (Macmillan) will give some advice on evaluating junior materials for summer courses and Heather Rhodes will discuss how to maintain discipline within your summer school.

Finally, Thom Jones will show you how to survive and prosper in the summer season, leaving you ready for anything that the summer can throw at you!

Prices are £40 for members and £60 for non members.