Teaching, accommodation and care

students studying at language school

Last updated: 15:20 on Thursday 7 May 2020

Teaching, accommodation and student care

We continue to compile the latest information and advice for UK ELT centres on teaching (online), student care and accommodation and venue management during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. We are also seeking and commissioning expert guidance and services to ensure members are best positioned to navigate the pandemic.

English UK member centres also have access the free English UK business support helpline: an independent helpline offering expert advice on health and safety and risk assessment as well as commercial and business topics.

Teaching and course delivery

Moving learning online

Last updated: 15:00 on Tuesday 31 March 2020

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures and travel restrictions have, of course, had a significant impact on our industry's ability to deliver English language teaching. For those of you who want to move to online delivery as a temporary or longer term addition to your ELT offer, the following webinars explore the logistics, challenges and changes to teaching methods.

What are the VAT implications of delivering lessons online?

Last updated: Monday 23 March 2020

If you are teaching a live lesson it's an educational experience and no VAT is charged back in the UK. If you're sending the students a pre-recorded lesson or a lesson that is in some way automated with no or minimal human intervention then it is classed as a digital service in which case VAT may be charged.

If a student is not happy to move to online teaching, are they entitled to a refund?

Last updated: Monday 23 March 2020

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Resources for teachers

Last updated 10:50 on Thursday 26 May 2020

Many of our our strategic partners and corporate members have developed new resources and made training freely available during this crisis.

The British Council has created a Digital Taskforce to support English language teachers worldwide that includes 75 academic, technical and digital specialists. The Taskforce has developed a three month schedule of activity including webinars, MOOCs, online events and lesson plans.

Other resources to explore:

  • Cambridge University Press have a 'Supporting every teacher' campaign with lots of resources to help you teach online, deliver exams, and more.
  • Trinity College London have a host of webinars and recordings to help you teach online and use online tools effectively.
  • Macmillan Education have partnered with NILE to create a Distance and Teaching and Learning Hub which offers freewebinars and courses to help you teach online.  They have also made access to teacher resource site One Stop English free until the end of June.
  • Oxford University Press have an online 'Teachers' Club', with webinars and other resources.
  • Pearson have made a range of textbooks, language testing and other resources freely available.
  • NILE is offering a Take Your School Online Course, to train principals and managers on the virtual academic management process.  The next course starts on 1st June 2020. English UK members get a 15% discount - use code EUK15.
  • Sandra Piai and teachers around the world are sharing free online lessons plans, which teachers can adapt for online teaching.

Student wellbeing

Last updated: 12:57 on Tuesday 2 April 2020

In addition to practical measures, it is important to consider the psychological impact and potential mental health risk the current situation could cause international students, mitigating this wherever possible.

Ruth delivered a webinar (on Thursday 12 March) looking at ways you can help identify mental ill health in your students and how to, with the help of positive psychology, help students in your care.


Accomodation, premises and venues

Supporting homestay hosts

Last updated: 15:30 on 27 February 2020 

We encourage members to share the latest information and advice with their homestay hosts, including how to recognise Covid-19 symptoms and how to home isolate if required.

Summer accommodation and venue providers

Last updated: 14:00 on Wednesday 8 March 2020

To support English UK member centres that use summer venue and accommodation providers, we have produced a letter requesting their understanding and flexibility around contractual and financial commitments.

We encourage you to communicate very clearly with all of your suppliers and your partners. Please share this with your partners and suppliers as appropriate.