Covid-19 (coronavirus) training & webinars

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Last updated: July 2020

Covid-19 training and webinars for UK ELT

We are running regular webinars and tailored training to support English UK members and the UK ELT community through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Please note some webinars are for members only and will require a member login to book.


English UK member-only training and webinars

Some of our webinars are exclusively for English UK members and corporate members. These include our weekly Q&As and webinars covering HR, business planning, and reopening guidance.

Upcoming UK ELT training and webinars 

The socially distanced classroom - challenges, experiences and learning

Thursday 22 October, 15:00 - 16:00 | Erin Revell - ELTC University of Sheffield, Chris Farrell - C.E.S., David Byrne - EC London

With some language centres open and some students travelling for face-to-face teaching, there is a huge amount of learning happening about the 'socially distanced classroom'.  To help others prepare and to lead the way in sharing experiences, Chris Farrell, David Byrne and Erin Revell will give an overview of their experiences and the challenges they are facing, before moving onto questions from the audience 

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Recordings of previous webinars

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Closing plenary of English UK Members' Conference

A panel discussion to close the English UK Members' Conference on the future of UK ELT. Panel includes: Jodie Gray, interim chief executive of English UK, as chair; Dr Anthony Manning is dean of internationalisation for Kent University, who has a long history of EAP and Pathways expertise; Emma Meredith, international director for the Association of Colleges, with extensive experience in international education planning and policy; and Samuel Vetrak, CEO of Bonard, with over 20 years' experience advising governments, destinations, education providers and student housing investors.


Webinars on the online classroom and Covid-secure classroom.


Webinars on moving your school online

  • Moving your centre online: keeping the spirit alive (Monday 30 March)
    Alex Asher and Thom Jones provide practical steps tips, advice and a wide range of ideas for any school to implement keep the spirit of a school alive, with social programmes, staff and student interaction, and more.

Webinars on student and staff wellbeing


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