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Over 750,000 people come to the UK to learn every year, ranging from teenagers on summer language courses or in boarding schools to students embarking on PhD research. Hundreds of thousands more study with UK institutions in their home countries.

What makes them choose a UK education?

Quality education with a global reputation

The United Kingdom has some of the best education providers in the world and a global reputation for excellence. A UK education is recognised globally; 160 countries use our international qualifications. Of current world leaders, 55 were educated in the UK, while 38% of Nobel Prize winners studied here.

Live and learn in English

English is the world's leading language for business and study. 3.5 million students in 130 countries are currently studying for Cambridge English Language Assessments. Students aspire to study in English-language universities.

The UK is GREAT for students

Students love their experience in the UK. We offer a warm welcome, diverse communities, thousands of years of history, and a fantastic culture, as well as easy travel. The UK is an exciting place to live and study.

  • The UK is the most recommended destination by international students
  • The UK is the second most popular destination in the world for international students (1)

English UK & Education is GREAT

English UK is a Department for International Trade accredited sector trade association. This means we are recognised by the Department for International Trade (DIT) as the leader of the UK's English language teaching sector and act on behalf of the DIT to support the UK ELT sector.

One of the ways we do this is by enabling small to medium-sized UK educators to access DIT Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP) grant funding. We can do this as an accredited sector trade association and a DIT recognised TAP trade challenge partner (TCP). We have hosted TAP funded participants in Education is GREAT branded villages (UK pavilions) at: ICEF Berlin 2018; ICEF Dubai 2019;  ICEF Mexico-Colombia 2019, ICEF Berlin 2019 and ICEF Dubai 2020.

DIT has confirmed its TAP calendar of supported events for 2020/21. English UK is the TCP leading the UK's involvement at ICEF Berlin 2020 and ICEF Dubai 2021. Applications for grants are now open.

Find out more about studying in the UK

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