What does English UK do?

English UK is the national association of accredited English Language centres, and a UK-registered charity with the key aim of advancing the education of international students in the English language.

Our 400+ members are fully-accredited English Language centres in the private and state sectors throughout the United Kingdom. We also have close links with corporate members (service providers to the sector) and more than 160 partner agencies (who have to meet the highest standards) from all over the world.

We lobby for the interests of the sector and our members in particular: offer training, support and conferences to raise standards; promote business partnerships through StudyWorld and the English UK Fairs: and keep our members up-to-date and informed.

We make it easier for students and agents to find the highest-quality courses with our Course Finder, which includes thousands of fully-accredited courses at our 400+ member centres. Click here for more details.

Do I need a visa to study English in the UK?

Yes, unless you are a national of a country in the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

See our overview of visa options for English language students.

Find out which visa you need here.

Can you recommend a language centre?

We can recommend more than 400: all our members are fully inspected under the Accreditation UK scheme, which is one of the most rigorous systems in the world. It checks student welfare and centre resources as well as progress and teaching quality. To find the centre which suits your requirements best, use our Course Finder tool.

Can you recommend an agent?

Yes, we have a growing number of Partner Agencies all over the world who have to meet several quality criteria, including getting good references from our member centres. Click here to view our Partner Agency directory.

Can we get any advice on passing our accreditation inspection?

Yes: we know it can be a daunting process for language centres. We offer an Accreditation Consultancy Service to help you through the process. Click here for more information.

Is English UK a government-funded organisation?

No, English UK is a charity funded by member subscriptions and activities including StudyWorld, the English UK fairs, conferences and training. English UK does accept some funding from UK Trade and Investment for some activities and initiatives.

How can we become a host family?

If you're in an area with lots of English Language schools they may advertise for host families in the local media. Otherwise, the best way is to get in touch with nearby centres: you can find contact details on our Course Finder tool.

Does English UK offer scholarships?

No, we do not directly run any language centres, but our members do. A list of scholarships for international students is published by the British Council and is available on the British Council website.

Does English UK offer language courses?

We can recommend more than 400: all our members are fully inspected under the Accreditation UK scheme, which is one of the most rigorous systems in the world. It checks student welfare and centre resources as well as progress and teaching quality. To find the centre which suits your requirements best, use our Course Finder tool.

Where can I find out who provides Secure English Language Tests (SELTs)?

The complete list of providers and other useful information is available on the Home Office website.

Can I see of a list of English language course providers?

The majority of accredited English language course providers in the UK are members of our organisation, which means they are listed in our directory. Click here to go to our language centre directory page.

Is studying English in the UK expensive?

It compares very well with many of our competitor nations, and costs often vary in different regions of the UK. All of our 400+ member centres are accredited to the same very high standard, but you'll find that fees vary enormously. This means you can get the same excellent education for much less. In general it is cheaper to study outside London (although some London centres are very competitively priced) and living costs are often less in the North of England. It's worth comparing several centres and their costs. Click here for more information.

Will I be able to understand regional accents if I choose to study outside London?

Yes. Your teachers and host families will always speak very clearly. Accents are different around the country but it is very rare that you would not be able to understand what somebody is saying. Many people think that the accents outside London are clearer, easier to understand, and sound nicer.


How are the British Council and English UK related?

Our two organisations have a history of working together on initiatives affecting English Language teaching in the UK. These include jointly running the Accreditation UK scheme, which is one of the world's most rigorous inspection systems for language centres. All English UK members have to be accredited by Accreditation UK, which is why you will see the British Council logo on their websites. We also work closely together on market reports and in other ways. Both the British Council and English UK are charities, but most of the British Council's funding comes from the UK government, while English UK's income comes largely from member contributions and the services and events we run.

What protection do students have if they are studying at an English UK member centre?

Students are doubly protected if their language centre closes suddenly. This happens very rarely to English UK member centres but it is reassuring for students to know they will be looked after if there is a problem.

All our member centres are automatically part of a scheme protect students. This usually:

    • helps cover accommodation fees paid by students from the date insolvency was declared
    • and/or provides assistance with the cost of daily travel if the alternative course provided is at a distance from the closed member centre

Click here to view more information about the scheme.

Can you offer advice on how to set up a language centre?

If you've worked in a language centre, perhaps as a teacher or Director of Studies, you should have a good idea about the basics of the staff, resources, classrooms, equipment and accommodation you'll need. You will also need administrators with an excellent knowledge of current visa regulations and employment law, and to think about registration systems, charges, and how you are going to attract students.

Non-members of English UK can attend most of our conferences and training events which will help with different aspects of running a centre, but once your centre is established, you may wish to go for accreditation and to get the support which comes with being an English UK member. Passing an Accreditation UK inspection first time is not easy, and we offer an Accreditation Consultancy Service to support you through this process.

Click here to download our information sheet on opening a language school in the UK.

How do I become a study abroad agent?

Many agents start their careers by joining a local agency as an advisor and learning about the business with help from colleagues. You may be able to find a reputable agent in your area on our Partner Agency directory.

Good agents need to have a secure knowledge of different types of education available, to be up-to-date on visa policies, and to build excellent and trusting working relationships with educators. It is a good idea to undergo training where possible -- we give links below -- and once you can provide five good references from English UK members you may be eligible to join our prestigious Partner Agency Scheme which includes an online briefing.

Where can I find free English books or resources?

There is an excellent selection on the British Council website.

Where can I look for ELT vacancies?

Try the following sites: