Roadmap to market recovery

 UK ELT roadmap to recovery after Covid 19

Roadmap to market recovery after Covid-19

Our industry has been devastated by Covid-19. As vaccines are rolled out, we are planning for recovery and have created an ambitious, achievable roadmap for how UK ELT can rebuild lost trade.

We need to restore confidence in learning safely in English language teaching centres across the UK and get students back into our classrooms. To succeed, we must be bold, innovative and agile. And we must work together. We must aim high: re-establishing UK ELT's global position and capturing new and diverse sources of revenue. 

What are the goals of the Roadmap to market recovery?

Our roadmap to recovery has two phases. 

  • Phase one – covered in detail in our Roadmap - is to return the UK ELT industry to 2019 student volumes by the end of summer 2022
  • Phase two will plan for growth.

How will English UK lead the industry to recovery?

We will engage agents and students in new and existing markets with a wide campaign of positive messaging about the UK offer. It will remind them of the value, quality and innovation of our international education and reassuring them about Covid-19 safety and ease of travel from 1 January 2021. 

It is aimed at five key groups and will be shared through a mix of events and communications channels led by English UK and supported by the wider industry, the British Council and the UK Government.

Both existing and new digital channels and events will be used to share the messages and we will work with the British Council and the Department for International Trade to amplify campaigns and key messages. 

At the same time, we will explore opportunities beyond in-country teaching, including bringing together multiple UK English language teaching centres and other partners to deliver international contracts.

We will use our statistics and intelligence schemes to make sure we are on the right track. Data will help us to identify and monitor the patterns of recovery and emerging trends. 

Once we have reached our goal, we will move on to a second phase: to return UK ELT to its position as global market leader and to open further sources of diverse revenue.

Which are the target groups for the Roadmap?

It targets five key groups which have been or could be major UK ELT customers:

  • Established EU market agents and ETOs focused on UK ELT
  • Established non-EU market agents and ETOs focused on UK ELT
  • Emerging market agents and ETOs not yet focused on UK ELT
  • Students interested in long-term study in the UK
  • Buyers interested in partnerships beyond traditional onshore recruitment 

What are our messages?

The main points of our messaging are that:

  • UK ELT is (still) the best choice, with the largest and most diverse range of ELT courses in the world, is forward looking and innovative, offering quality assurance, high standards and the protection of learning at an accredited centre
  • UK ELT is a key route into UK education, underpinning the whole UK international offer, providing the best route into a UK university or other world-leading institutions and access to the world-class UK curriculum
  • The new immigration system simplifies access to studying English here, with more flexibility and ease of transition between different courses, and the Government welcomes students

What will the project cost?

The Roadmap will be delivered at minimum cost to English UK members by focusing our resources and working with partners in international education, government and at the British Council.