Innovation attracts agents on English UK inward mission

Agents from markets around the world are keen to work with English UK member centres they visited during a tour of east and central England in October.

A third of the eleven agents wanted to work with at least three of the seven centres visited, while one liked the idea of sending students to all of them.

Roz Rozidor, English UK's International Manager who led the inward mission, said: "It was great to see so much course innovation in a part of the UK which is less well-known to international agents. They were really impressed, and all of them were a lot more confident about promoting the region as a result."

The mission included a workshop in Birmingham, sightseeing and a meal in Stratford-upon-Avon, and a farewell dinner in Cheltenham for agents from countries including France, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Japan. As well as visiting seven centres, the agents met representatives from many more at the workshops and networking dinners.

Each of the seven centres had new or innovative courses to promote, including bespoke adult classes at ILS English in Nottingham, activities integral to courses at Bell Cambridge, new vocational courses at Cambridge Regional College, English with Classic Cars at BLS English in Bury St Edmunds, the chance to learn with international UK residents at English Language House in Milton Keynes, a pre-A Level course at St Michael's College and buddy courses at InLingua Cheltenham.

"I will work with at least three of them," said one agent, who was impressed with the variety of courses at one, the premises and location at another and the quality of teaching at a third – but thought he would look through the brochures and decide to work with others.

Another agent said he would work with all of the centres he'd seen, and explained why, while others planned to work with at least four, or "many" of them.


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