This section of our website is specifically for agents. It includes information on visas, accreditation, English UK, living and learning in the UK and our course finder. We hope it will help you with any questions you may have about studying English in the UK.

The UK is the home of the English language. It is well known for the high quality of its education system; our qualifications are recognised throughout the world; and around 600,000 people come to the UK every year to study English.

Experienced study abroad agents know there is more to think about than this when helping a student choose where to study. Students who make good progress and have a great time will tell their friends and family, leading to more business for their agent. Unhappy students will also tell people about their experiences.

Here at English UK we know it is vital that students' experience here meets their expectations. Since our formation in 2004, it has been our priority to raise standards in the industry. We insisted that our members had to be fully-accredited, and meet the highest standards of teaching and student welfare. We also created a unique double protection for students in the unlikely event of their English language centre closing unexpectedly.

As part of our drive to raise standards, we believe it is vital to work more closely with the best study abroad agents to promote English language teaching in the UK. Ways in which we do this include:

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