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Partner Agency Scheme Newsletter April 2017

Back in Buenos Aires: promoting the UK in Latin America


At this workshop, organised by English UK and supported by the British Council, language teaching centres from the UK joined study abroad agents from across the Latin American region from Tuesday 4 April to Thursday 6 April.

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Fabien, from France, shares how his opportunities improved by studying English in the UK


"I have discovered the UK has a different culture. I was surprised by the pub culture, how people meet each other at the weekend, In France we invite people home.

"I would recommend learning English in the UK. You won't be leaving European culture but you are in a real English-speaking country."

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English with volunteering opportunity to make the best of your stay


"We want to help students get the most out of their trip by getting into the culture. You want to use your skills while you're here – you might not be here that long so you should make the most of it."

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Partner agency interview: Sandra Große Höötmann


"In this world they need English. The English lessons at German high schools are good, and high quality. But what they are missing is the conversation and talking.

"So I think most of the students go to the UK to practice what they learned at school and see a different country."

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English UK says goodbye to Ambreen Masud from the Membership Team


We are bidding farewell to Ambreen Masud, who has joined English UK the beginning of the year and has been part of the Membership team and has supported the activities of Marin.

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