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Report on Student Visitor Visas

The Home Office recently published a report on student visitors. Click here to access the full report.

Higher Education Better Regulation Group

The Higher Education Better Regulation Group has published a report on the cost and benefits of immigration regulation. To download the report please click here.

Home Office consultations

1. Tackling illegal immigration in privately rented accommodation

This consultation seeks views on proposals to create a new requirement on landlords to conduct immigration checks on tenants, with penalties for those who provide rented accommodation to illegal non-EEA migrants in breach of the new requirements.

Landlord checks to tackle illegal migration

The Government will introduce a requirement for landlords to check the immigration status of tenants. The checks will be simple and light touch but enable enforcement officers to take additional action against rogue landlords by introducing a penalty for those who break the rules.

The changes will benefit communities blighted by unlawful structures, so-called 'beds in sheds', and overcrowded houses that can bring social problems and costs to local communities.

They will be modelled closely on existing controls for the employment of illegal workers, which are well established and have operated successfully for the last five years.

The government proposes a graduated enforcement approach - with proportionate penalties for those landlords who make a single honest mistake, and much heavier penalties, up to £3,000 per tenant, for rogue landlords who repeatedly and deliberately break the law. The Home Office also plans to offer landlords support in checking documents through an enquiry service.

The consultation document can be accessed here.


2. Migrant access to health services in the UK: A consultation on ensuring that migrants contribute fairly to the costs of their healthcare

The Government is seeking views in this consultation on proposals to change the basis on which migrants access health services.

These proposals respond to longstanding public concern that the current rules regulating access to those services are both too generous, particularly when compared with wider international practice, and poorly applied.

The consultation document can be accessed here.

3. Prevention of illegal working: Strengthening and simplifying the civil penalty scheme

This consultation seeks views on our proposals to strengthen and simplify the current civil penalty scheme to prevent illegal migrant working.

Employers already have a responsibility to check that their employees have the right to work in the UK, and since 2008 this has been underpinned by a civil penalty scheme. This has been successful in requiring employers to make right to work checks and imposing a sanction on those who do not.

We propose to further refine these requirements to get tougher on employers who continue to exploit illegal migrant workers, and increase the sanction to reflect the harm they cause. In parallel, and mindful of burdens on legitimate business, we are proposing a number of measures to significantly reduce the administrative costs of complying with the requirements to make checks.

The consultation document can be accessed here.


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