Partner Agency interview - Mauro Bernesi from Asia Europe TCI

As the Partner Agency Scheme grows, we thought you'd like to find out a little more about our recognised partner agencies.

In this issue of the Partner Agency Newsletter, our guest is Mauro Bernesi. Mauro founded Asia Europe TCI in 2008 and it specialises in business and cultural travel as well as education. It is based in London.

Hello Mauro. How did you begin as a study travel agent?

I came to England in 1972, did a management training course and went on to manage hotels. It came to the point where I  was working pretty much 24/7 and not seeing my family.

I knew about travel and dealt with many tour operators and clients in Italy and I had the opportunity to tackle emerging markets, starting with China and Russia. It was a lifestyle change.

The education aspect was a development from doing travel and incoming operations at service level and business. Clients would say: can you find school for my son, or can you find this group a summer camp?

What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing is that it's my own business. I find I can be flexible on my hours and days I work.

It gives me the chance to travel, which is fantastic, to Russia, China and Italy. You meet a lot of people. You experience different cultures you feel you are helping people and there is a lot of job satisfaction as well.

What made you join the Partner Agency Scheme?

In order to give us some credibility in the marketplace as far as the educational side was concerned. We had been doing travel for many, many years, and summer and winter camps. But we do much more than that and are also experts in education in the UK. If someone wants to come to public schools or universities, we can help them to do that.

It gives confidence when we speak to the school that we're serious we're investing money and time in this. We're serious about maintaining these services to the client.

What difference do you think being a Partner Agency will make?

It's early days yet, but I think the logo will be very useful. But it must be worthwhile because other people wouldn't join.

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