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Partner Agency Scheme Newsletter June 2017

Changes in visit visa and travel


In this month's visa update: changes to ID cards for EEA nationals and an update on studying on a visitor visa.

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Connect with UK language centres at English UK’s regional B2B workshop


Registration is open for all agents in the region.

Join us at the English UK Regional Fair, Asia Pacific from 30 November - 2 December, Hong Kong

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English with... classic cars


Imagine driving down an English country road in the early summer in a classic 1976 Rolls Royce. If that sounds wonderful, the passion for classic cars course being run by English UK member BLS English is probably for you.

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Elena from Spain shares her experience of learning English and gaining confidence in Bristol


"I really like to meet English people, to speak with them everyday, to get involved in the culture. I wanted to know what it is like living here with real English people. I like it.

"I recommend it to everyone. In the beginning I couldn't speak anything. You will be proud of yourself because you have more confidence in yourself you can speak with everyone and the experience is amazing."

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New English UK main board members elected


We would like to warmly welcome our newly elected English UK Board members: Ella Tyler, Fraser Davis, Jose Brinkmann and Shoko Doherty.

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Partner agency interview: Nilufer Pyper


"It's a must now to have English language to get anywhere in any business. If you can't speak English it means you aren't doing well in your business in Turkey.

"When you say you've studied in the UK and you can speak English, it looks fantastic on the CV and opens many doors, especially in Turkey."

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