Partner Agency Interview: Manuela Gualandri

Manuela Gualandri works for English UK Partner Agency Scheme member Gallery Languages, which is based in Oxford. She was attending StudyWorld for the first time when we interviewed her, and said it was a very interesting experience.

How did you become an agent?

I started working for the company 10 years ago as a teacher and gradually moved from teaching to being an agent. Now I co-ordinate all the different products we have. We have a lot of people working with us, and offices in Tunisia, Romania, Bucharest, Russia, Germany and Beijing.

What does Gallery do?

The core business is summer camps for juniors in July and August, but and we other projects like teacher training, adult courses, working with companies as well. We have a very wide network of teachers, thousands of teachers, we have workshops and organise in schools, mainly in Italy. We try to teach English in a fun and innovative way with music, rap music, drama, cooking lessons, whatever.

Our company started 30 years ago as a training company and in 2008 it put together all the work related to language education in one new company, which is Gallery. We do a lot of online training that students can work through with a personalised path.

What is your job now? What do you like best about it?

As project and development manager I see the different projects we have and co-ordinate them. That means working with people in graphic design who are doing our leaflets and brochures, people in video editing, teachers.

I talk to different people all over the world. I have contacts everywhere and it's so nice to meet different people from different cultural backgrounds - it's stimulating and fun.

What made you join the Partner Agency Scheme?

It gives us credibility and that's very important in our business It's useful too. I would absolutely recommend to others, definitely.

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