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In this month's visa and immigration update: what to do about wrong entry stamps on arrival and understanding police registration.

Wrong entry stamps on arrival

It has been brought to English UK's attention that some non-visa national students applying for their visa on arrival in the UK are being given the wrong visa by Border Force Officials.

Instead of endorsing the passport with a stamp that specifically states "short term student" on it, students are being given a standard visit visa stamp which restricts their study to a maximum of six weeks only.

English UK members have been advised to write to the immigration desk at the port of entry to complain about the incorrect endorsement. Alternatively, it can be raised as an official complaint. The Border Force aims to respond within 20 days.

In most cases the wrong stamp would have been issued in error, and whilst the Border Force accepts that it should not be a problem to allow the students to study for the duration of the visa, especially where there is evidence that the student had enrolled prior to arriving, English UK's advice is to seek confirmation in writing from the Border Force prior to allowing the student to study beyond six weeks.

Police Registration

The Home Office recently changed the way they inform students of the requirement to register with the police. The police registration condition no longer appears on the Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) issued to students coming to the UK. 

Instead, students required to register with the police will see the police registration condition on the 30 day entry clearance vignette issued to enable travel to the UK. Students will need to show the vignette to the police when registering, together with the letter confirming that their application for leave was successful. 

Students should be reminded that they are required to register with the police within seven days of arrival in the UK. 

Those applying for leave to remain and who are already in the UK will be personally notified if they are required to register with the police by way of the Home Office letter confirming that their application for leave has been successful. They must show this letter when registering. 

Information on registering with the police, including the documents required, is available at:

If, after they've arrived in the UK students realise that their entry clearance (visa) vignette has been issued with an incorrect endorsement they can request to have it amended.


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