Impact of international students and representation at party conferences

St John Street is a hub of activity in preparation for the StudyWorld, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you there. Other events this year are booked up or going fast and we have a few 'save the dates' for your your 2018 plans.

Last week there was a flurry of press coverage around international students and, for the first time, English UK will have a presence at both Conservative and Labour part conferences.

StudyWorld places English at the heart of international education

This is the first year of a new StudyWorld and we are very excited: it places English at the very heart of international education, showcasing the best of UK education. As many of you will know, StudyWorld has a long history. But it has remained successful and relevant because it has evolved to meet the needs of the global education community while remaining true to its core values of quality, professionalism and leadership.

Major international events like StudyWorld are a great opportunity for the education sector, government and business to get together, understand each other better, and develop what we do.

I look forward to seeing many of you there and hope you have a very successful and productive three days. If you cannot join us this year, I hope you will put the dates for StudyWorld 2018 (Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 September 2018) in your diary! 

The impact of international students

Many of you will have read about a newly commissioned report into the impact of international students in the press last week, a move we welcome.

You may also have heard that an official report has confirmed that over 97 per cent of international students leave the UK promptly at the end of their courses, has raised hopes that the importance of the industry and its negative impact on migration will be recognised in future Government policy.

The power of English: party conference representation

Autumn ushers in party conference season and this year, for the first time, English UK will have a presence at both Conservative and Labour events. I have been invited to represent the ELT industry by speaking on a fringe event panel on the power of english.

The English language is a vital tool of commerce and communication across the world. From the executive to the entrepreneur, the programmer to the public servant, almost everyone stands to gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities by mastering English. This is as true for native speakers as it is for those studying English as a second language

As Brexit approaches and the UK seeks to strengthen relationships across the globe, Policy Exchange has put together a panel to examine the power and potential of English language education, for the UK and the world.

Key questions will include:

  • Can the UK maintain its position as a leading exporter of the English language post Brexit?
  • Has English ever been more valuable in global engagement, for the UK and the rest of the world?
  • What are the potential commercial advantages for Britain of the English language around the world?
  • What might the UK's success in English language teaching suggest for a wider international strategy for England's educational sector?

Upcoming English UK events

And finally, English UK events for the rest of this year are now either full or nearly so.

The English UK Fair, Italy is operating a waiting list, as is the English UK Regional Fair, Asia Pacific. There are a couple places left for the China Roadshow, so do book quickly!

We are excited to open the very first ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp to bookings, and remember to save the date for next year's academic and marketing conferences.


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