Macmillan live presentation - exclusive to English UK members

Macmillan English Campus are running several one-hour live presentations, exclusive to English UK members, that will tell you all you need to know about the English UK Campus online platform including what it contains, how it can be used, and how you can sign up.  

The English UK Campus is a blended learning platform that gives you access to over 65 ready-made courses, over 30 tests, and over 4,000 individual interactive resources that you can use with your students in class, or give them access to complete in their own independent study time. In addition, there are lots of reference tools, including a dictionary, a Grammar Reference Database, weekly authentic reading materials from the Guardian newspaper, and voice recording tools.

Click here to sign up for one of the following presentations.

20 January 2014 at 11am

6 Feb 2014 at 2pm

10 March 2014 at 3pm

7 April 2014 at 10am

12 May 2014 at 4pm

11 June 2014 at 2pm


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