Discounted MPLC licence fees for 2014

Centres which show copyright films bought for home use to a wider audience, such as a group of students at a social programme film night, must have this licence. It covers formats including DVD, Blu-ray, internet streaming and videocassette.

English UK has arranged a bulk licence for payment of Motion Picture License Company (MPLC) fees, which includes a discount in recognition of our administrative, coordinating and negotiating role.

For 2014, a discount of roughly 20% will be offered by the MPLC to English UK (and passed onto our member schools).

  • English UK all year around members will benefit from a discounted rate of £173.00 + VAT for the calendar year 2014 instead of £215.00 + VAT (the standard price to Language Schools in 2014)
  • English UK seasonal operator members will benefit from a discounted rate of £96.00 + VAT.

The licence covers the public performance of pre-recorded DVD/Blu-ray media or downloads distributed by MPLC affiliated producers.

For further information about the members' MPLC licence visit or contact Alice Marcolin, Membership Manager, on


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