MAC enquiry: we need your help, urgently!

We need your help, urgently!

We appreciate it's not an ideal time of year to ask this, but we really need your input to create the best possible industry submission for the Home Office enquiry into the impact of international students in the UK.

We're incredibly grateful to members who've already taken the time to respond to our call for evidence, but we need many more of you to do this by Friday 22 December please.

If we are serious about getting the Home Office to understand and respond to the needs of our industry, then this submission is vital. As time is short, we have used English UK funds to hire StudentMarketing to analyse your data to update and rework our major 2015 report into the value of the ELT industry.

We believed at the time that the report under-reported our contribution to the UK economy, partly because of the low number of members who took part. This is our chance to get it right and create robust new figures that we can all shout about both to the enquiry and to our local media and MPs later.

Below are the details of the information we need for the Migration Advisory Committee enquiry submission: please, please do what you can and get them back to us.

If you've got any questions, please get in touch.

If you need a reminder what it is all about: 

The Migration Advisory Committee enquiry into the impact of international students is the biggest opportunity we have ever had to demonstrate the economic and social impact of the ELT industry on the UK.

Please help us demonstrate the value of UK ELT in three ways: a) distribute the survey for students as soon as possible; b) complete the survey for UK ELT centres; and c) send us any examples of the impact your international students have made in your community.

International students: online survey

Please send this to all your students, current and former, as soon as you can this week. This is especially important to give an accurate figure on their economic impact. Students must complete this by 17:00 GMT on Friday 22 December. You can also use a Word version (students).

UK ELT Centres: online survey

Please complete this survey on behalf of your English language centre, also by 5pm Friday 22 December. You can also use a Word version (centres).

Your case studies and stories

Sarah Cooper will writing a narrative to complement and illustrate the data and would like to include as many examples from you as possible. This could be a quote from a host family or local business, or an example of community engagement through volunteering or sports. Please send me one example of how your students have made an impact on your community by 5pm Friday 22 December.

We appreciate that this is asking you to do something extra at a busy time of year, but the benefit of being able to show case our industry is hopefully all the motivation we need! Our submission is due in January and we will share it with you all then.

Thank you all very much.


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