Member annual submissions

We are fast approaching the new year, which means it is time for the annual data submission by all English UK members. As you know, this comprises student weeks and numbers from 1 January to 31 December 2017 by source market.

The primary contact for an English UK member centre is responsible for providing this information and should have received an automated email containing login details and a link to complete your centre's annual student weeks data submission - due by Tuesday 31 January 2018.

This data enables us to do two things: first, to calculate your 2018 fees for English UK membership, accreditation UK and (where applicable) the CLA licence; and second, to compile the annual English UK student statistics report (launched at our Annual Conference in May).

Please note, the student weeks data submission relates only to your English UK membership and has no connection with the Accreditation UK scheme declaration (the accreditation unit will contact you separately about the British Council declaration for accreditation purposes).

Tips on completing your submission

How does English UK use this information? 

  • To calculate English UK subscription, Accreditation UK and CLA fees (if applicable)
  • To produce English UK's annual student statistics market insight report


Please contact Member Services and Relations Manager Alice Marcolin via email or call on 020 7608 7960.


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