English UK publication - Estimate of the value of ELT to the UK’s towns, cities, counties & nations

In many areas of the UK, language teaching is an economically-crucial yet invisible export industry. Students come here and study, spending money not only on tuition and accommodation, but also on transport, tourism, entertainment and shopping. Although the students are often worth millions of pounds to a particular area, their contribution and importance can go unnoticed.

We therefore compile these tables as a best estimate of the value of students to the UK's towns, cities, counties and nations, to be used in English UK members' campaigns, and as a useful resource for MPs, councillors, and journalists.

Click here to download this report. This can also be viewed in the 'members area' of the English UK website.

How do we compile the tables?

We estimate the annual value of the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector to the UK as around £2.5bn. We then divide this by the number of student weeks declared by English UK members for 2011 (the most recent figures available) in each town/city/county or nation.

There are two separate tables, one for nations/counties/unitary authorities and the other for towns and cities. We have included a column with rounded estimates for ease of use, as well as the raw data.

To maintain commercial confidentiality of our members we have removed mention of towns or counties with fewer than three centres. All of these appear grouped together in the Other section of the tables.


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