Annual declarations and centre profiles - deadline Friday 28 February

Thank you to the majority of the language centre members who have completed their online 2014 annual declarations and centre profiles. If you are your centre's nominated representative and have not yet submitted your centre's return to English UK, please visit the members' sign-in area of the English UK website to log in to 'my profile' and complete your declaration.

The deadline for completion is midnight on Friday 28 February 2014.

Completion of the return is a requirement of membership and there may be penalties on your centre (and ultimately your membership may be terminated) if you do not submit it on time. The statistics are vital for our lobbying efforts and we take failure to comply with the deadline as a breach of your duty to the rest of the members in the association who file their returns on time.

In addition to being vital for lobbying purposes, the information in your centre's annual declaration and profile is important for three other key reasons. The size of EFL provision declared is also used to calculate your liability to English UK subscription charges, discounted CLA fees (where applicable) and annual Accreditation UK scheme fees. Keeping your contact details up to date (sections 1 & 2) helps ensures that you are able to fully benefit from your membership and avoid any delays in receiving relevant information. Finally, the data in the marketing section (section 4) informs your centre's profile on the English UK website and is the basis of your centre's entry in the English UK Members' Directory.

Once you have submitted the required details, you are able to log back in and edit the information right up until the submission deadline.

As previously advised, once we have validated all the member submissions the declaration sections are frozen, however you can log back in at your convenience throughout the year to make any additions/corrections to your contact details (sections 1 and 2) and also to your marketing information (section 4), which forms the basis of your entry on the English UK website; helping to ensure your data always remains as accurate as possible.

Please note that this is your English UK annual declaration. It is not the same as the Accreditation UK scheme declaration that you were asked to return to the Accreditation Unit at the British Council by 15 February 2014. This online form/profile relates specifically to your membership of English UK.

If you have any queries regarding your membership, please contact Alice Marcolin, Membership Manager, at


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