Partner Agency Scheme: now easier to join for the world's best agents

What's got members in 42 countries, helps the best agents to work with the best educators, and is getting bigger and better all the time?

The answer is English UK's partner agency scheme, which has just enrolled its 200th agency at the same time as unveiling its new online enrolment system which will make it much easier for eligible agents to join, or renew existing memberships.

Since December, seven agencies have successfully completed the designated steps to be recognised as an English UK Partner Agencies. They are:

Study British English Ltd        United KIngdom (international market)

Global Office for Students Exchange        Egypt

EdSA        Hong Kong

Excellence Linguistique        Switzerland

Sky Culture Ltd        China    

SoEducation        Turkey

Blue Lion (Bryan) English        China

"We wanted to make this investment in the scheme to make it as easy as possible for people to join up and get in touch with us," said English UK's Laura Underwood, manager of the partner agency scheme.

"Membership of the scheme is a real mark of quality for agents, because they have to prove that they work successfully with five English UK member schools. Many agencies tell us that their clients notice their partner agency logo, and that it is very useful for them to be listed on our partner agency directory. And not only are we getting new members all the time, but our existing agencies are renewing their membership when it runs out."

The scheme aims to offer recognition, support and development opportunities for reputable agencies, allowing them to further promote their agency and attract more students to English UK member centres. In order to join the scheme, agents are required to:

  • Complete a detailed business profile form
  • Provide good references from five English UK member centres
  • Have previously attended, or commit to attend, an English UK organised event (such as StudyWorld, an English UK Fair, or an inward mission)
  • Work through an online training course with modules about Accreditation UK, the UK visa system and English UK

If you would like to recommend an agency to join the partner agency scheme, please send their details to Laura Underwood or alternatively send them the link to the business profile form that needs to be completed in order to join the scheme.


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