Do you offer an unusual course?

Students and agents are often looking for something a bit different and English UK members are working hard to diversify what they offer.

We have already heard about members who offer English and volunteering courses, in which students can help raise money for charity while practising their English skills, and leadership courses helping young adults use their language skills in context rather via direct teaching of grammar.

There are members emphasising clarity of spoken communication in a world where more and more people use English as a second language, and a centre where you can learn legal English, with a lawyer.

But we're sure there are plenty more weird and wonderful options out there. Let us know by emailing Sue Young, our communications consultant. The articles Sue writes are then published in the agent and student newsfeeds on the English UK website, shared through social media channels and featured in our monthly newsletter for English UK Partner Agencies.

  • Contact Sue Young with your interesting course  


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