Update on Brexit, visa and immigration matters

ID cards for EEA nationals

To improve the experience of visitors at airports/ports of entry during busy periods, especially during the Easter and summer holiday season, the Border Force are advising all EEA visitors to use their passports instead of their ID cards where possible. This would allow for faster checks at border control.

Read more about the Border Force advice and view a short video created by the Border Force on what to expect when going through immigration.

Studying on a visit visa

Holders of short term visit visas can use this visa in order to enrol on a short course of up to six weeks during their stay in the UK. The course must not be the main reason for their visit to the UK.

A prospective student with a visit visa and travelling only to start the course may not be allowed to enter the UK if questioned by Border Force officials.

The rules for long term (two, five, 10 years) visitor visa holders are different. The visitor visa rules permit holders of long term visit visas to enter the UK solely to undertake a short course of up to six weeks.

Border Force officials may take action against the visitor if they become aware that the visa is being used mainly to study. The visitor may not be allowed to enter the UK and have the visa cancelled.

The Home Office has recently updated the visit visa guidance for its staff. Members are encouraged to refer this as well as the short term study visa guidance to their prospective students and agents.


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