English UK Quarterly Statistics Scheme – your chance to join the new core group

All members provide annual statistical data to English UK as part of their on-line Annual Declaration and Centre Profile. However, we additionally have a voluntary quarterly statistics scheme. This 'core group' of centres return detailed marketing statistical data every quarter and in return, English UK aggregates and analyses this information and produces a report. This enables the members to compare their own performance against the core group aggregate on a market by market basis, in order to judge market trends and their own performance. The information compiled from this group's returns is valuable and accessible only by the members of the core group.

We would like to invite member centres to join the English UK Quarterly Statistics Scheme for the next 3-year cohort (1 January to 2014 to 31 December 2016) and to therefore benefit from receiving accurate comparative student week data reflecting the market trends on a quarterly basis during this period.

Under the current terms of operation, members who decide to join this core group are required to lodge a refundable deposit of £500 with English UK. Click here for more information and an overview of the terms of operation for the scheme.

If you wish for your centre to be a member of the core group statistics for the 2014-2016 period, click here to download, sign and return the response form by Friday 06 December 2013 at the latest. 

*This form also contains includes the full terms and conditions of the quarterly scheme.

Once we have received confirmation from you that your centre wishes to join the group, an invoice will follow for the deposit.

Existing core members will also need to confirm their intentions. Should they decide to withdraw from the group the deposit lodged at the start of the current cohort will be refunded in February 2014 (once the statistics for Quarter 4 2013 have been collected). If they continue in the scheme, we will carry over their deposit into this next cohort.

An invitation was sent to all nominated representatives and marketing contacts as well as to the individuals who return data for the current core group.

Here's what existing core group members have to say about the scheme:

We've been members of the Core Group since pre-history when results came out on floppy discs. For the little it costs and the few moments the information takes to retrieve I can't understand why anyone wouldn't be a member. It's incredibly useful to see the nationalities and the numbers but it would be so much more meaningful with more members in the group. 
Judith Hands, Torquay International School

Being part of the Core Statistics Group has become an invaluable part of business administration. It allows us to see where we fit in with the bigger picture of what is happening in schools all over the UK and leads us to think about new marketing initiatives and strategies to areas we might not otherwise have considered. It also helps us to focus on where and how we are marketing and what effect it is having on a quarterly basis.
Val Hennessy, International House Bristol

If you have any questions regarding this quarterly statistics scheme, please contact Emma Chon, International Officer, at emma@englishuk.com.


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