Improvements to the annual market insight data from English UK state sector members

Data is key to keeping you up-to-date on trends in student recruitment. Showing the size and value of the accredited UK ELT sector is also vital to our public affairs campaigns on behalf of our members and the wider industry.

Every year we produce a student statistics report based on detailed student week data collected from our private sector members. Written by our professional insight partner StudentMarketing, this offers a reliable analysis of the UK ELT sector.

For 2018, we are keen to build on this well-regarded market intelligence data to include greater insights into our state sector members' ELT provision. This will significantly enhance the market insights we'll be able to produce on UK ELT in 2018.

State sector data submission

Over the last month we have been surveying our state sector members about changing the depth of data collected each year. Over 70% of those who completed the survey confirmed that they would be able to provide the same level of annual data as our private sector members already do.

Therefore, from 2018 onwards, where practicable, state sector members will supply total and country by country breakdowns of both student weeks and of the number of students attending ELT courses for the previous calendar year.

Student Week Data Submission for all members

All member centres will receive the link to their online Student Week Data Submission form in mid-December. Please complete and return this by Wednesday 31 January 2018.

If you have any questions about your Student Week Data Submission, please contact Alice Marcolin Marcolin or Naadiya Rawat.


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