Student interview: Wanda Maria Da Silva

Wanda Maria Da Silva is 53 and from Angola. She is an oil company secretary and was studying English at English UK member the Hampstead School of English until the end of March.

What made you decide to come to the UK to improve your English?

I needed to be better at English as I am a secretary in my company. Every day we need to have contact with people speaking English and I need to understand them and introduce them to my boss.

My company, Sonangol, chose the school for me. They contacted the school through the London branch. They helped us contact the London school and everything was prepared.

Are you enjoying yourself in London?

Yes, apart from the weather. In London I like people's behaviour. If I need help they always help me. People on the street, in shopping centres, in the school, they all help me. They are open to help me, very receptive.

I like my school. It's good for me, for myself and for my job.

Has anything surprised you in the UK?

Yes, because since I arrived I have felt a difference between here and my country. It's a very organised country. 

Would you recommend other people to come here to study?

Yes, it's good to come here. 


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