Subgroups directory

Special interest, national and regional groups

English UK has a variety of sub-groups representing either teaching specialisms or regions. All English UK members are free to join any or all of the relevant subgroups if they wish.

Sub-groups are intended to help our members work together for marketing, business and training, and to make it easier for agents to find suitable courses for their students.

Special Interest Groups


Business English UK (BEUK) is a group of leading English language centres specialising in English for business and professional purposes. BEUK is a very active group, marketing professional English courses to key target groups such as governments and major companies, providing a one-stop shop for clients, and improving quality.

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YLUK logo minus strapline 130

Young Learners English UK is for members providing courses for 7-17 year-olds. It raises the standards and profile of accredited courses for young learners, improves welfare and safety standards, markets junior course providers, and keeps members updated.

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National Groups

EUK Scotland CMYK 130

English UK Scotland has 17 members including privately-owned centres, universities, and state-run further education colleges. Its promotional activities include Fam Trips, including one departing from StudyWorld and another organised with Visit Scotland. Its members work closely together, sometimes bidding for large contracts, and organises joint staff training events.

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EUK north ireland 130

English UK Northern Ireland has six members which are working together to organise Fam trips and work closely with tourism and inward investment organisations.

Why study in Northern Ireland? Founder member Paul McMullan says: "There are lots of reasons: Northern Ireland is still fairly inexpensive compared to the rest of the UK and Southern Ireland, and it's unique in the world that it's an English-speaking location not already saturated with international students."

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EUK Wales newsflash

English UK Wales is a newly formed regional group. It has eight founding members offering a variety of adult and junior courses covering Cardiff and Swansea in South Wales, plus Llangollen in North Wales. The group will be focusing on specific events like FAM trips and inward missions to Wales.

It aims to raise the profile of educational tourism and the EFL industry at a local and national government level.

Website coming soon. For further information please contact Emelyne Burkhard, vice chair of English UK Wales.


Regional Groups

EUK central 130

English UK Central covers Shropshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, most of Derbyshire and northern Gloucestershire.

Its members include small privately-owned schools for professionals, adults and juniors, members of private chains, three secondary schools for international students and a state-run further education college. The group runs two or three Fam trips a year and members work together closely.

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EUK east 130

English UK East covers Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Northamptonshire. Its members include a university, state-run FE colleges, a boarding school and private language schools including specialists in young learners.

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EUK London 130

English UK London has more than 35 members including universities, further education colleges and private language schools, covering every type of student and budget. It will be organising Fam trips and marketing materials.

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EUK north 130

English UK North covers Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Newcastle, Yorkshire, the Lake District and Lancashire. Its members include five universities, six further education colleges and language schools. Its promotional activities include Fam trips, a brochure and a members list. Members meet for two conferences a year, and there is also an academic conference for teachers.

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EUK SW 130

English UK South West covers Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Bath and Bristol. It has more than 20 members including a state-run FE college, privately owned language centres and international schools. They offer a wide range of specialist courses, including immersion training in the teacher's home. The group organises an annual inward mission and offers joint tendering for large groups. Members meet regularly and organise an annual meeting and training days.

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