Ukraine: advice & guidance

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Ukraine: advice and guidance

We encourage members and partners to share any intelligence they have and to get in touch if they have questions or concerns. Contact Naadiya on: Members can join our fortnightly live update and Q&A for members to hear from the English UK team and to connect with fellow members.

English UK's statement on Ukraine

See our statement on Ukraine dated 4 March 2022

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Support for students and colleagues

Mental health and wellbeing

Student Minds is the UK's student mental health charity. They have published a twitter thread with support and resources for students affected by the invasion.

Feeling overwhelmed? The BBC has complied advice on how you can take care of yourself, your children and others

NHS Every Mind Matters has expert advice and practical tips to help you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting employees 

Advice on how to identify employees who need help and how to offer support from People Management.

Free UK immigration advice for Ukrainians

Ukraine Advice Project UK was set up on 28 February to support Ukrainians who need free UK immigration advice. Advice is provided by volunteer solicitors including our friends at law firm Carter Thomas. To request advice, contact with some details of your circumstances and advice needed.

Carter Thomas has also set up their own free helpdesk to offer emergency immigration advice to Ukrainians.

Contact details for foreign embassies in the UK

Embassy of Ukraine
60 Holland Park, London W11 3SJ
Tel: 020 7727 6312
Fax: 020 7792 1708

Embassy of the Russian Federation (main building)
6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QP
Tel: 020 7229 6412 (consular services: 020 3668 7474)
Fax: 020 7727 8625
Email: (consular services:

Embassy of the Republic of Belarus
6 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL
Tel: 020 7937 3288 (consular services: 020 7938 3677)
Fax: 020 7938 5985
Email: (consular services:

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Ways to help

Ways to support Ukraine and Ukrainians:

Donations, demonstrations of support and further information 

See link below for a list of charities and networks raising funds to support Ukraine and Ukrainians, and advice on ways you can demonstrate your support, such as writing to your MP urging them to support Ukraine by pushing for further sanctions and safe passage for refugees. Link includes template letters that you can send to your MP, an international list of demonstrations, and recommended English-language outlets and Ukraine-based journalists for up-to-date news.

RefuAid and English UK

English UK member centres can support our partnership with RefuAid and become a RefuAid partner. RefuAid are a charity that works to restore dignity and independence to refugees in the UK. We are certain that the demand for their already over-subscribed English language programme, Language: A Gateway, will be considerable. 

The government's Homes for Ukraine scheme

The government's Homes for Ukraine scheme launched on Monday 14 March and is designed to allow individuals, charities, community groups and businesses in the UK to bring Ukrainians to safety – including those with no family ties to the UK. The first phase of the scheme will allow 'sponsors' in the UK to nominate a named Ukrainian or a named Ukrainian family to stay with them in their home or in a separate property.

You can record your interest in the scheme on the Homes for Ukraine government webpage.

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UK government response

The UK Home Office has announced certain visa concessions for Ukrainian nationals currently in the UK, allowing them to extend or switch to a points-based visa. On 1 March the government announced further support for Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion confirming that British nationals and people settled in the UK will be able to bring extended family members to the UK and a sponsored humanitarian visa route is to be established.

On visa concessions for Ukrainian students already in the UK, we know UKVI are considering allowing Ukrainian students access to the schemes that have been developed for Ukrainian nationals overseas. No decisions have been made yet; we will publish further information as soon as we hear more.

We know UKVI do not currently have any plans to provide special visa support to Russian and Belarussian students currently in the UK. Students already in the UK and whose visas will be expiring soon will need to leave the UK to apply for another visa if they wish to return to the UK, or consult immigration advisors for more information about their options.

We join the calls of humanitarian organisations across our country, asking the UK government to provide quick and accessible ways for Ukrainian nationals, residents, and their family members to seek safety in the UK.

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Travel advice

Travel to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office currently advises against all travel to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus:

Travel between the UK and Russia

There are currently no direct flights operating between the UK and Russia. If you are in Russia it is not possible to fly directly to the UK, or via EU countries, and you should amend any travel plans accordingly. This also applies if you are in the UK and you need to return to Russia. However, there are limited numbers of commercial airlines operating indirect flights via the Middle East and Turkey. Check the latest information with your airline or travel provider.

The full list of countries who have closed their airspace for Russian aircraft has been published by the Russian aviation authorities (available in Russian only). Note the website may not be supported on all browsers/ devices.

Travelling from/ to Russia via Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and international bus routes

The UK foriegn travel advice for Russia includes advice which may be useful for those travelling from Russia to the UK:

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Sanctions on Russia and Belarus

The UK, US, EU and many other countries have imposed economic sanctions on Belarus and Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, targeting specific sectors of the Belarusian and Russian economy and individuals. The UK government has imposed a package of sanctions, freezing assets from all of Russia's major banks and hi-tech exports.

Trading enquiries

Members with enquiries in relation to trading with Ukraine or Russia can call DIT's Digital Enquiry Service helpline on 0300 303 8955 or submit an enquiry online via a dedicated link for enquiries about trading with Ukraine or Russia.

The British Chamber of Commerce has produced a Q&A document on trading with Ukraine, Russia and Belarus:

We are aware members have students in the UK who have been unable to access financial funds as a result of the economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus. We are in touch with the DIT export desk and will feedback when we have news.

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Cyber security

The National Cyber Security Centre (NSCS) has advised organisations to bolster their online defences and improve their resilience during the current heightened cyber threat following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Useful links and guidance from the NCSC:

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