Cost of studying

What will learning English in the UK cost?

The cost of studying in the UK will depend on a number of factors, but it's important you have a realistic idea of your budget before you start.

The main costs are:

  • Your travel to and from the UK
  • Your course fees and any examination fees
  • Any books you have to buy for your course (sometimes books are included in course fees)
  • Accommodation costs and food
  • General spending (e.g. your social life)
  • Travel to college, around the city or town, or to other places

Living costs

As well as costs related to you course, it's important you think about everyday living expenses like accommodation (rent and bills), food, clothes, and any leisure or socialising. Living costs vary between different regions around the UK. London, for instance, tends to more expensive overall.

You can find more advice on setting a budget and managing your finances on the Education UK website.