France: Vincent Kharbulu
Vincent Kharbulu

France: Vincent Kharbulu

Vincent Kharbulu, 27 is from Paris, France. He studied general English at English UK member centre, Cardiff and Vale College International, for six months in early 2013. He is now working for an advertising company in London.

What made you come to study English in the UK?

I had come here for my final internship for my Master's degree and after three months the company decided to offer me a permanent job.

Then I decided I needed to improve my English. I was working at this company in Cardiff and I felt it would have been better to improve my English if I was going to try for a job in London where people are more competitive, so that's why I went on the course. I had a job so that's why I did it in Cardiff.

Do you like being in the UK?

I love it!

What do you like best?

The people have open minds, especially compared with the rest of Europe.

Has anything surprised you?

How open minded people are!

Would you recommend coming to the UK to learn English to your friends?

Yes, the college in Cardiff did what I expected. I wanted to learn English and I did that.

I'd recommend it to my friends, and that's what I am doing to all my French friends and people I meet.

Our generation need, in my opinion, to learn English because they can't pretend to deal only with clients in their own country. French companies will not deal only with French clients, even in France. Dealing with an Italian involves English. I would really encourage everyone to come and get some experience.

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