Georgia: Ilia Mamagulashvili
Ilia Mamagulashvili

Georgia: Ilia Mamagulashvili

Ilia Mamagulashvili is 16 and originally comes from Georgia, although his family have recently settled in the UK and he is a UK citizen. He is studying intermediate English at United World 2 School of English in Bournemouth.

Do you like living in the UK?

I am really enjoying it and I love everybody here. I am having the best time in my life. It's about the people and making new friends and everything is nice.

What do you like best?

English girls! But they're just friends in the school.

How do you hope studying English will change your life?

It's the most important thing for me at the moment, because I've decided to stay in the UK with my family. Maybe I'll get on Britain's Got Talent?

What talent have you got?

I like dancing, and I dance like Michael Jackson. I came second in Georgia's Got Talent when I was six. I was very surprised.

How did you get on Georgia's Got Talent?

It was an accident. I didn't realise I was in an audition. They'd seen me on a documentary about Michael Jackson fans. I dance like Michael Jackson and I do the Moonwalk.

How long do you plan to study English?

My mother has arranged a one year-course. I have done two months so far.


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