Germany: Anna Lena Schultz
Anna Lena Schultz

Germany: Anna Lena Schultz

Anna Lena Schultz is 19 and comes from Bavaria in Germany. She is studying general English and IELTS at English UK member, United International College (UIC), in central London.

What made you choose your language centre and city?

I came to London two years ago and just loved the city. With my best friend, who lives with me here, we decided to come here. We wanted to come to London and also improve our English. We were walking around the city and we found UIC language college. We went in and asked about courses, and found there were really good courses so we said OK. It was just pure luck.

What do you like about the UK?

I am really enjoying English people and the English sense of humour. I also love London as it's a really big city and I come from a small one.

Is there anything you don't like about the UK?

Maybe the weather? I've been here six months and I've seen so many winter days… but there has been a lot of sunshine as well. They say that in England it rains all day and the sun never comes out but I think that's not true.

And nobody can tell me what English food is but everything I've tried is good, not bad.

Has anything surprised you about the UK?

The men. In Germany men wear a suit or jeans. Here they wear whatever they want to.

What will you do with your English?

I want to go to University. I've just finished High School last year and took a year off to improve my English. Hopefully I will study psychology because I want to work with youngsters and women. I want to study in Vienna because that's a really good university for psychology. I would like to do a semester here in London and one in Turkey.

What do you like best about your course?

The radio course, where we make a radio programme. We have to speak to English people, not just students. It's not just about grammar, but finding out the things you need to know. I think it's a really good idea.


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