Germany: Bettina Goldbach
Bettina Goldbach

Germany: Bettina Goldbach

Bettina Goldbach is 52 and comes from near Stuttgart in Germany. She teaches English evening classes to adults, and is a regular visitor to the UK and its language schools. She has most recently stayed twice at English UK member Nab Cottage in the Lake District.

Where did you study?

I have studied at different language schools in England to keep my English up-to-date and to have my pronunciation checked. I was twice at Nab Cottage.

What did you study?

Fluency, pronunciation and everyday phrases.

When were you in the UK?

Every year I am in the UK for one week at least. At Nab Cottage I stayed one week in 2007 and one week in 2008.

Did you know any English before coming here?

Yes, I did. My English is quite good. I teach English in an evening school for adults.

Why did you choose to come to the UK?

If you want to improve your English, the best thing is to spend as much time as you can with natives. And I choose England rather than Malta etc, because I am very much interested in English history, literature and culture.

What made you choose the language school and town?

I regularly check the English UK website and look for small, privately owned schools in lovely areas which I have never seen before.

Did you enjoy your time in the UK? What did you like most? Did anything surprise you?

I have always enjoyed my stay in the UK. I liked most the friendliness and openness of the people. Even after several stays in England I am always surprised of hearing "sorry" if I have just bumped into someone.

Has learning English changed your life?

Yes, it has completely.

What are you doing now? Could you have done it without your English?

After 25 years in the IT industry, I changed my job - and now I teach English!

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Yes, of course. I have already recommended it to some friends and students - younger and older ones.


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