Hong Kong: Vic Lau
Vic Lau

Hong Kong: Vic Lau

Vic Lau from Osborne, Hong Kong, is on an IELTS exam course at English UK member centre, Language Teaching Centres Eastbourne (LTC Eastbourne), a centre in a historic building which was once the home of a rich family. He is 31 years old.

What made you want to study in Eastbourne?

It is the second time I've been here at LTC in Eastbourne. The first time, two years ago,  I saw this school and I decided I wanted to come here. It looked amazing in the photographs. The second time, I thought it is very good and thats why I came back.

What are you studying?

The fIrst time I came here I did practical English for fun. This time I am on a nine-month IELTS exam course.

What difference will improving your English make to your life?

I want to do it because I would like to study a Master's in the UK. I am a graduate in city design from Maito university in Japan, and I've just left my job as buyer and quality control in a major electronics company to do this. I want to do an MBA at Sussex University and then find a job in Hong Kong."

What do you like about studying in the UK?

A lot of things are similar between Britain and Hong Kong. British people keep their history. For instance the house I am staying in is 100 years old. In Asia they'd knock it down and build a new one. I like the grandness of it.

The food's ok, similar to Hong Kong. The weather is good, at the weekend I drove though the snow to Stonehenge and Birmingham.

Would you recommend studying here to your friends?

The USA is dangerous. In Australia, the accent is different. The UK is best. It is part of European culture and has a lot more international people. I'd recommend it to my friends."

What advice would you give to students thinking of improving their English in the UK?

Live with a host family, go to the pub, chat with local people, know more information.


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