Hungary: Steven Reznek
Steven Rezneks

Hungary: Steven Reznek

Steven Reznek is 28 and from Hungary. He first studied at Shane Global Language Centres in Hastings in 2005.

Improving his English in the UK changed Steven Reznek's life. When he arrived from Hungary for a three-month course in August 2005 he had just graduated from Budapest University as an electronics engineer and was looking for a job in that field.

But during three months at Shane Global in Hastings, Steven fell in love twice over – both with a student from Chile and the UK. Six years on, he's just become the marketing executive at the English UK member school.

"I love it here. Electronics never really cut it for me," says Steven, 28. "I never really enjoyed it. I think I knew it was never my future when I left university. Now I am doing a marketing degree in London.

"I love meeting people from other cultures, and I love learning how to cook food from different cultures. I do guacamole from Mexico, sushi, and coca-cola chicken from Columbia. It's delicious, but better when a student makes it!"

After Steven's first English course in Hastings, he returned to the area to take up an electronics job because his girlfriend lived nearby.

He took another English course at Shane Global, and was asked if he would organise a summer social programme. After that, Shane Global asked him to organise adult social activities. Then he got another post at the school, and was finally offered the marketing job.

He says: "I like Hastings, I like living here and I like all the British things which happen here, like the Jack in the Green festival. Everything has worked out really well."


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