Japan: Yuko Okada
Yuko Okada

Japan: Yuko Okada

Yuko Okada is 29 years old, works in human resources in a medium-sized company, and comes from Osaka in Japan. She is studying general English at English UK member centre, Torquay International School (TIS), in Torquay for a year. When we talked to her, she was almost at the end of her course.

Hello Yuko. Why did you want to study in the UK?

I wanted to come here because I like the UK, its history and culture and of course the language. I wanted to come just for myself.

What made you choose Torquay and TIS?

I decided to come to Torquay because I wanted to stay in a warmer place. I don't like the cold, so it was good.

Do you like it in the UK?

I am enjoying being here, I am really enjoying it. I like best just living with the host family and being at my school and travelling around Torquay.

Has anything surprised you here?

The food surprised me. Before I came here I expected that English food is not very good but actually it's very nice for me. I like lots of things.

Will your new English skills change your life?

I think it will make a difference to my future life. It will help me. Maybe I can make new friends. Maybe I can get a new job with my better English. I would recommend coming here to study to my friends.


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