Korea: Yoon Hyun
Yoon Hyun

Korea: Yoon Hyun

Yoon Hyun is 21 and comes from Seoul in Korea. She is studying General English for six months at Englsh UK member centre, Lingualink Ltd in Wales.

Hello. Why did you want to study in the UK?

I came here because I thought British English was better than American English. I came because I thought it would be good to learn English. We learn good English in Korea but I didn't have the experience of conversation.

That was why I wanted to come here, and I would tell all my friends to come here. 

How did you choose your school?

I chose Lingualink because I thought Rhyl would be a very safe place and I heard this school is small. I can receive more attention so I chose this school.

Do you like it?

I like the teachers, they are very kind. I have made new friends. I have met a German new friend.

The thing I like best in the UK are the people. They are very friendly.

Has anything surprised you?

I am surprised at the culture. British and Korean culture is very different so everything is a surprise to me. Food is a surprise because your food uses microwave and oven. in Korea we cook by boiling and frying.

Will improving your English change your life?

Maybe next I will go to university, or maybe do work and go to university. I would like to do English at university. I haven't thought about a job yet. I learned about hotel management at college.

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