Russia: Fedor Solovyev
Fedor Solovyev

Russia: Fedor Solovyev

Fedor Solovyev, 15, a school student from St Petersburg in Russia, spent two weeks improving his English at Elizabeth Johnson Organisation, Bristol on a Let Your English Grow scholarship in 2008.

Why did you want to study English in the UK?

Because it's cool - and I won this prize. I've been learning English in my school for ten years, with my first words in the kindergarten.

Did you enjoy your time in Bristol?

Yes I enjoyed it! Most of all I liked teachers (how they taught me), my freedom and my friends from other countries.  And your shops were little and very cosy and have a lot of things to buy.

Did anything surprise you?

My first surprise was when I came to the centre of Bristol and I saw 'the magic red booth' - where I can send free my photos and e-mails.

What are you doing now? Is English helping?

I like to play computer games like World of Warcraft and I have the Great Britain version so English helps me in the game. I am keeping on writing with my friends in Spain and teachers in Bristol. And, I forgot - English helps me in my school. I'm doing my homework task for English and my trip to Great Britain helps me."

Has learning English changed your life?

I think it has because many people in the countries may understand me and I understand them- English is the world language.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Yeah, I recommended it to my best friend, and my mum recommended it to her friends' children.


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