Spain: Christina Moneo
Christina Moneo

Spain: Christina Moneo

Christina Moneo is 18 and comes from Madrid in Spain. She is studying English for six months at English UK member British Study Centres Brighton.

What made you want to come to the UK to study English?

I wanted to come here because I need English for my career: I want to be a journalist.

I finishing my schooling in Spain but I didn't get enough points to go to university. I want to do journalism and my mother told me I should do this, and that I would learn English more quickly in England. She picked this school and I came here.

When my mother told me I was coming to Brighton I said my God, where is Brighton? Now I really like Brighton.

Are you enjoying yourself here?

When I came I was 17 and I was really scared. I was here alone, I didn't know English and I didn't understand anything. I've learned about English and I've learned about life, how to cook for myself, how to meet people. I've grown up here. Everybody has to do this one time in their life.

What do you like best about studying in Brighton?

The school is very professional. I couldn't speak English, but now I can have a conversation with you. The teachers are very nice and can help you if you have a problem. They are my friends now.

I like the parties. You go out, dancing and talking.

Has anything surprised you?

I was surprised by the timetable for dinner. Here, people eat at six. I'm not ready to eat until 9.30.

Would you recommend studying in the UK to your friends?

My best friend was here for two weeks and loved it here too. I want to come back here because it's amazing!

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