Spain: Jorge Vidarte
Jorge Vidarte

Spain: Jorge Vidarte

Jorge Vidarte is 25 years old and comes from the Basque area of Spain.  He is on a 12-week course at English UK member Suzanne Sparrow Plymouth Language School.

Why did you choose to come to the UK?

At the moment, fortunately the Euro and the Pound are quite the same price and also because it is so close.

What made you choose the language school and town?

Because the school was accredited and I thought Plymouth was a great city.

Are you enjoying your time in the UK?

I'm really enjoying my time in England with such different experiences and what I really like about the UK is that there are many people from different countries and a lot of fun.

How will learning English change your life?

It will help with things like getting better jobs. However, the most important is the life experience.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Of course!! Great country and friendly people.


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