Thailand: Nuttha Sakarin
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Thailand: Nuttha Sakarin

Nuttha Sakarin is 22 and comes from South Thailand. She is studying at English UK member the Wimbledon School of English in London.

What are you studying?

I started with IELTS and after 10 weeks plan to move on to a General English course for three months.

What made you choose Wimbledon?

One of my friends studied here and she recommended it.

What do you like about studying in the UK?

I really enjoy living in London. It's very good here. I like everything especially having many friends from all over the world. And I've learned about the culture and about British people, which is an exciting experience for me.

What do you like best?

British people are very good and very kind, and I like that.

Is there anything which surprised you?

I think the weather is very different from Thailand. The snow was so cold!

What do you plan to do next?

I want to study for a degree in the UK, a maths degree. I am thinking about applying to Queen Mary or Royal Holloway. When I've done my maths degree maybe I will go to China to study the Chinese language.

How will learning English change your life?

My family has a hotel business. I may go back and help in the business, perhaps as a business manager. It would be very important to speak English and Chinese for that.


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