Turkey: Begüm Karac
Begum Karaci

Turkey: Begüm Karac

Begüm Karaci, 17, is a high school student from Istanbul. She spent two weeks studying at English UK member centre BABSSCo (The British Association of Boarding School Short Courses) in Harrow after winning a Let Your English Grow scholarship.

Did you know any English before coming here?

I had English lessons at my school since first grade so I knew English before but I wasn't really good at speaking.

Why did you choose to come to the UK?

I wanted to improve my speaking skills in English and the UK is the best place for me to do that.

What made you choose the language school and town?

One of my friends went to another BABSSCo school - Dulwich College - one year before me and she really liked it there. So when I was researching, I found some other schools and among those the Harrow school appealed best to me.

Harrow was a really nice place and we were able to meet the townspeople, which was great.

Did you enjoy your time in the UK?

I really had a great time in the UK. The old, stylish buildings, museums, musicals... everything was great.

Except the weather, I can say. I was very surprised to have cold weather in August!

Has learning English changed your life?

Speaking English more fluently definitely changed my life. I'm more comfortable using English in lessons or in foreign countries.

What are you doing now? Could you have done it without your English?

I'm a junior in high school and we have most of our classes in English. What I learned at Harrow school and in the UK is always helping me to be successful in those classes.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK to your friends?

Of course. I had the best two weeks of my life in the UK. I had so much fun with my new friends from all over the world, who I still keep in contact with via email and I have learned so much.

I want to go to the UK again and I would recommend it to everyone.


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