Turkey: Dyugu Cirak
Dyugu Cirak

Turkey: Dyugu Cirak

Dyugu Cirak, a 24-year-old lawyer from Istanbul, spent nine months at Excel English in London after winning a Let Your English Grow scholarship, leaving in December 2008.

Why did you want to improve your English in the UK?

London is the best place because you can learn British English here. I had some hesitation because everyone says lots of different people live here and I thought maybe it's difficult to learn with them speaking other languages. But it's not.

Has studying here changed you?

In Turkish culture it's different for children. You are living with your family. Here, I'm learning how I can be a self-sufficient person.

I really love this school because teachers are genuinely concerned about us. If I have a problem I can speak. At the beginning my English was not so good and I wasn't able to express my feelings but I've got better and I really love it, like a family.

What do you think of London?

I was surprised. It's a big city. I didn't know the British lifestyle.

London is different and it's multinational and colourful. It is different from my city, Istanbul. There we don't have people from different cultures. Here you can find people from many global background - it's a mixture.

I prefer my city, but I like London. You have lots of choices. You can find a range of foods and music and culture, which you can't do in Istanbul. I meet lots of friends who are Korean, Italian and from other cities.

What do you like about the UK?

There are lots of green areas. You can go to museums and concerts. YoYoMa, a Chinese musician, is coming to London and it will be the first time I have listened to him. You can find everything.

I like fish and chips. You can eat every kind of food. I go to Marks and Spencer and choose from different countries' food.

Have you done much travelling while you've been here?

I've travelled around to Paris, Italy, London, Cambridge and Brighton - that's a lovely place.

How will your English skills change your life?

It is going to be essential for my job - I want to take a PhD in International Law. Then I'll be able to practice.

And English is an international language. Speaking English, you feel like a world citizen. I am not just Turkish. I was like a baby crawling, then I took my first steps and now I'm walking.

Would you recommend learning English in the UK?

I have already suggested that some friends study English in my school, and a university friend is now here. It's the best way to learn English, in the UK.


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