Venezuela: Gabriela Duran
Gabriela Duran Venezuela

Student interview - Gabriela Duran from Venezuela

Gabriela Duran is 17 years old and from Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela. She has been studying general and intensive English at English UK member centre, Ovingdean Hall International Language College, just outside Brighton for almost six months.

Why did you and your friend Maria Claudia want to come to Brighton together?

We have been friends since we were little. Our families are friends and we studied together in school, and we wanted to come here together. We found the school on the internet with help from the agency. We thought it was very cool. We wanted to come to Brighton and the accommodation was very good - I really liked it.

What made you want to study English in the UK?

I like the sound of English in the UK. I wanted to live here because I have been to the US and I know that the UK is different and I wanted to try it here. It's very different and I like it a lot.

What will your improved English help you do?

I am studying English to go to university. You need English for everything. My family says English is very important for me. I want to study something like social media. I think I will study in Venezuela, perhaps in Puerto de la Cruz or Caracas.

What do you like best about being here?

I like the teachers best. I don't get bored in the classes. It's very good – the teachers make you feel good. They are nice, get to know you, not strict and they don't just teach you the formal words, they teach you everything.

The people are totally different. We talk and dress very different. In the UK I like the people. You are free and can do whatever you want.

Is there anything you don't like?

I don't like the weather and the rain, the cold and the cloud. We've bought coats here.

Has anything surprised you about the UK?

Maybe the crazy people but I already knew that. There are different people here in Brighton. My cousin stayed here before last year and told me a lot of things.

Would you recommend studying here to your friends?

Yes, I would recommend it to my friends too.

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