Venezuela: Maria Claudia Guzman
Maria Claudia Guzman Venezuela

Student interview - Maria Claudia Guzman from Venezuela

Maria Claudia Guzman is 17 years old and from Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela. She studied general and intensive English at Ovingdean Hall International Language College just outside Brighton for almost six months.

What made you want to improve your English?

I am going to university in Venezuela and I came here to improve my English for my studies in Venezuela. I am going to be a dentist and I will need to read lots of books in English and it's very important for us. Also it's very important for us to learn different foreign languages.

Why did you want to come to the UK?

I wanted to come to the UK because it's proper English and I like the accent and I think it's very correct.

How did you choose to come to Ovingdean?

I chose the school with my father. He was looking at the agency and found this school. We thought it was very nice and searched on the internet. It was a good place and location and we really liked it.

Are you enjoying studying here?

I am here with my friend, and it's been as good as we hoped. I like the teachers best. We can talk a lot and they are very nice people, they treat us good. We are learning a lot. We learn new words everyday, and we are improving.

Is there anything you don't like?

I don't like the weather. We've bought warm coats.

Has anything about the UK surprised you?

Yes, I was surprised in the streets when you see crazy people with Mohawks. But it's OK here. You can be whatever you like: no-one is going to judge you like that.

Would you recommend studying here to your friends?


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