The English is GREAT campaign

The English is GREAT competition has now closed.



We are thrilled to announce the five winners of our English is GREAT: Speak to the World competition, which invited Brazilians to tell us what English means to them by creating a one-minute video in English.

Our fantastic five, whose one-minute videos explaining what English means to them won over our judging panel, will all travel to different parts of the UK in January and February to spend two weeks improving their skills in an English UK member centre.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

Meet our English is GREAT competition winners

  • Henrique Monteiro Alves
    "This is a huge step in my life and might be the first one that I've accomplished for myself, so I couldn't be more excited to study abroad."
  • Guilherme Augusto De Oliveira
    "Now I'll finally be able to make one of my dreams come true, in one of the most beautiful places on earth - in Northern Ireland. This will definitely be the most amazing experience I'll ever have!"
  • Laio Veloso
    "I don't feel comfortable when I have to speak English in public or with other people. The immersion process will force me to speak English and I'm sure this will be the beginning of the path to fluency"
  • Karol Alves Cavalcante
    "I learned English by myself and I always try to overcome my difficulties with the language."
  • Leticia Oliveira
    "I entered the competition because I love English and I love travelling. Here in Brazil I don't get many opportunities to practice the language"

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