Discover Northern Ireland

Why study in Northern Ireland?

Over the last 10 years Northern Ireland has put itself firmly onto the map of attractive, affordable and safe destinations for foreign visitors and international students alike.

Northern Ireland is the smallest country in the UK but it packs a lot in!

It has become one of the most popular destinations in the UK and Ireland and has the fastest growing tourism industry in Europe. Northern Ireland is buzzing! It's time you were a part of it! The cities are buzzing too. The region has become one of Britain's most popular shopping destinations and has a lively cultural, music and bar scene, and you'll find delicious local food wherever you go.

Northern Ireland is really easy to travel around and is packed with ancient and living history, modern culture, exciting events and festivals, great food, fantastic shopping and world class craic!

Small, unique, cheap and friendly

Northern Ireland is a relatively new place for studying English, but it offers high quality courses and a truly unique environment for learning - with strong influences from both Irish and British culture.

Northern Ireland is unique in that it is an English speaking country which has not yet been saturated with international students. That means there is less likelihood of our students spending all their time socialising with people in their own language. It is very easy for students to connect with local culture, meet local people and enjoy the famous craic!

 Northern Ireland is also a relatively inexpensive destination compared with other places in the UK and Ireland. We can offer courses and accommodation at very competitive prices and students spend a lot less here than they would elsewhere during their time with us.

And of course Northern Ireland's greatest, and most unique, attraction is its people. We have an expression here "the people make the place". The people of Northern Ireland are famous for being open, warm and friendly. Local people give a warm welcome to foreign visitors, and their warmth is also reflected in the quality of homestay families on offer.

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