Discover the South West of England

South West England: the region we all want to live in

Ask any of our members and they will tell you that they wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. Why would we? We have it all in the South West, and we would love to show it to you. Let some student comments be your guide...

  • Cities: busy; music everywhere; great shopping; filled with history; lovely food
  • Countryside: beautiful; vivid; awesome; gentle; easy to access; walking heaven
  • Seaside towns: everyone's happy; lots going on; beach and nightlife; sport is everywhere
  • Coastline and beaches: stunning; great surf; I love the sky; the freshest air
  • Historical sites: inspirational; love the legends; mystical; my parents are jealous
  • The people: friendly; open; kind; helpful; relaxed; funny

The range of courses offered by our excellent association of schools means that there really is something for everyone in the South West. But don't rely on what other people have said – come and discover for yourself, and write your own comments. Like us, you will soon agree that the message is easy to remember - South West is best!

You could win a full scholarship to study English in the South West of England for two weeks. Record a video telling us what English means to you and enter online here: